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Ideal for Treating Low Energy Plastic - Raises the Surface Energy Level for Maximum Bond Strength.

BD20-AC A laboratory Corona Surface Treater used primarily in research laboratories where the studying of corona treating effects takes place.  This model can be used in low volume production work for treating very small parts.  Not intended for continuous use.

Corona Treatment raises the surface energy of plastics, composites, glass and other substrate surfaces.  Improves adhesive bonding and the application of paint, ink & labels. 

This High Frequency Generator produces a (tesla coil) high voltage, high frequency spark at the tip of an electrode.  The electric field created around the electrode is used for surface treating of polymers and other substrates.

The Power Supply is furnished with a polarized and grounded power line cord 6-feet in length.  Operation is from 115 volts, 50/60 Hz, and 230 volts, 50/60 Hz for the EU model.

OUTPUT VOLTAGE:  10,000 to 50,000 volts regulated by adjustment knob


BD20-AC   Hand Held Corona Treater    -     US Model   120 VAC w/Line Filter, 115V
Includes: [1] Hand Held Treater Unit;  [3] Treater Electrode Tips - Set 

(Electrodes: 1-Round, 1-2.5" Field Effect, One Straight Fine Wire Tip)

$471.00 + Freight     BD20-AC   SKU #:12051A-10


Hand Held Corona Treater    -     INTERNATIONAL  230V Models
Includes: [1] Hand Held Treater Unit;  [3] Treater Electrode Tips - Set to 230 V with Specific Country 
Cord / Plug.

(Electrodes: 1ea Round, 1ea 2.5" Field Effect, 1ea Straight Fine Wire Tip)

$494.00 + Freight           BD20-ACV             SKU #:12061AE-10 (European Plug)

$494.00 + Freight           BD20-ACV-BP       SKU #:12061ABP-10 (British Plug)

$494.00 + Freight           BD20-ACH-CH       SKU #:12061ACH-10 (China Plug)

$494.00 + Freight           BD20-ACV-IN/SA   SKU #:12061ABP1-10 (India/S.Africa Plug)

$490.00 + Freight           BD20-ACV-TW       SKU #:12061A-10 (Taiwan Plug)

$494.00 + Freight           BD20-ACV-IS         SKU #:12061AIS-10 (Israeli Plug)

$494.00 + Freight           BD20-ACV-AU        SKU #:12061AU-10 (Australia Plug)

                                                     THESE  PART  ARE  IN  STOCK !


Other Configurations Available - Please Call

Replacement Electrodes also available    

Made in the USA   -   Authorized Distributor for ETP