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Non-Toxic Test Pens for Testing Treatment Levels Achieved on Polymer Plastics
To make possible the printing and adherence of polymer plastics it is inherent that the surface be treated so that the surface tension rises to a defined point.   Untreated PE and PP have a surface tension of about 34 dynes/cm.  Well treated PE and PP should have a value of about 38 - 40 dynes/cm for printing, 42-44 for adhesion.

Polymer plastics with a surface tension of less than 40 dyne/cm have binding difficulties.  This is best demonstrated by testing ink adhesion using the "cellophane tape test."  If on the other hand, the level is higher than 42 dynes/cm and if the film has undergone two-sided treatment, the high treatment level can also cause the film of printing ink to lift off on the roll.   The level of treatment can be determined through the simple application of the test inks (please see Method of Application).

            -     PP felt tip marker
            -     5 ml contents, approximately
            -     Shelf life about 18 months, relative to use
            -     Color of test liquid, red
            -     Read your Safety Data Sheet for Physical and Safety items


Advantages of the test pen over testing ink solutions
            -     Clean and easy use
            -     Color of ink that shows up on practically every surface

Method of Application:

This testing method involves determining a dyne/cm level that does not change for a period of 2 seconds.  Using a middle value of 42 dynes/cm the testing ink is spread with the test pen felt tip in a linear fashion onto the surface to be tested.  If this dyne/cm level does not change for a period of 2 seconds, then it has either the same or higher value.

These test pens are designed for personnel in routine testing purposes.  It can give one a good insight of whether the material is being treated enough or not.

The testing inks evaporate quickly when the test pens are not kept closed.  We recommend  immediate closure of the pen caps soon after use.  The surface tension is a definite criteria for the adhesion of printing ink onto PE, PP Glass and many other substrates.