Frenquently Asked Questions

What is the recommended usage on the Handheld Corona Treater?

Our Handheld corona treater is a lab unit designed for intermittent use, typically no more than 2-4 minutes at a time. A 30-minute cool down period in between each usage is required. In a lab environment, a significant amount of surface area can be treated even during a 30-60 second application. Overuse may result in damage to the internal components, but following the manufacturers guidelines should result in years of reliable service.


Will the Handheld Corona Treater work for my application?

The primary purpose of corona treating is to determine wettability and adhesion characteristics of plastic substrates to inks and adhesives. While the Handheld Corona Treater will raise the surface energy of plastics, composites, glass and other substrate surfaces, the degree by which surface energy is raised can be influenced by a number of factors. Our lab unit can help determine the effects of corona treatments on your particular object.


Does NBond offer a University discount?

Our published price includes a University discount. 


Warranty Information

NBond is an authorized distributor of Electro-Technic Products (ETP), manufacturer of these Corona Treaters. A manufacturers warranty is offered on these products. All claims and repairs are handled directly with ETP.